Our Stadtteilkulturzentrum opened its doors 1980 and is an open meeting place for people from the local area. No matter if young or old, new to the area or born and bred here, Eidelstedt locals can both participate in and also hold their own events.
Events: concerts, public readings, cinema, comedy
Courses: computer, health, arts and crafts, language
Consulting: rental law, social issues, old-age pension
Children’s programs: theater, courses in the school holidays
Rentals: parties, club meetings, other meetings etc.
Just drop by – you can find our opening hours here. Or you can send an e-mail to: info@kulturhaus-eidelstedt.de
At Kulturhaus Eidelstedt we speak German and English; and if needed Spanish, Dari/Persian and Russian. Is your language missing on this website? Feel free to contact us – maybe you would like to translate this page.
Thank you!

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